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CSC Edge's Newsletter for October 2015

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What is Teamwork? What is required to make Teamwork happen? What are the characteristics of the best teams? How do some Teams repeatedly achieve phenomenal success? Does it happen without a set of Goals? Does it happen more often to Teams ruled with an iron fist? These are all questions that we should really consider in operating any organization.

The first characteristic is a deep commitment and culture of excellence in everything that you do. Train us and make us ready to do the job at hand and also show reward and appreciation for doing an excellent job. The standard is excellence and that standard has to be set and communicated to the entire organization. Anything below that has to be dealt with and coached to make it clear what the expectations really are for everyone in the company or organization and what corrective action is necessary. If we let a mediocre job pass by without dealing with it promptly then we have missed the opportunity to excel in the eyes of our customer and also unfortunately let team members know that the standards set are flexible. Your employees will echo your goals if excellence is the standard operating procedure for your company and the only accepted end result.

The second characteristic is a deep commitment to achieving the goals of your company. We all feel good when we are part of a winning team. First we have to know what a winning Team looks like and be given regular feedback on how the team is doing. In sports it is fairly easy to see by looking at the current standings and statistics. How does your Team get feedback on success? First you need measurable goals. Then meaningful and understandable feedback is much easier to transmit to everyone. To say that we are doing “great in quality” is not nearly as meaningful to someone as being part of a team that “achieved 99% excellence in customer ratings for the month versus a stated reach-out company quality goal of 96%”. It feels good to strive for this excellence and then find out that the Team or individual made and surpassed our stated goal. That makes everyone a positive Team player.

The last major characteristic is to set achievable but reach-out goals that require everyone on the Team to strive for additional improvement. If you have an entirely new Technical Service staff it is probably unrealistic to set a quality goal of zero defect on repairs. If you set unrealistic goals and never make them the Team gets demoralized. But if you leave the final goal high and show how the Team can work to achieving this end goal in a step-by-step process that shares a series of victories along the journey your Team will become, and stay, champions that look forward to the next challenge.

I know that this is a common story that we all hear preached over and over again in the business world today; but I firmly believe that it is the secret to building a consistent championship Team. The great news is that once we commit ourselves to this process the victories will come our way.

Author: Don Pierson, Certified Service Centers