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CSC Edge's Newsletter for September 2013

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This is a question that should be asked by consumers, manufacturers, and anyone looking for a quality business partner in any service industry.  How do you choose service companies today and what are your key selection criteria?  Several Service Industries have defined the existing Certified Service Center selection criteria as critical factors to look for in finding a top quality service company.  Are these factors passing the real world test?  One statistic that clearly indicates that they are is that with over 215 active Certified Service Centers and 330 service facility locations in the United States our help line received only 2 complaint calls in the past 3 years.  That is a clear indicator that these certification criteria are serving to identify the best of the best.

The strict criteria used in the Certified Service Center evaluation process focuses on customer service, overall professionalism, the level of business investment in people, parts, and test equipment, a professional company image, technical and management certifications, and last but not least proof of insurance.  Do we all have the time to check for all of these qualities?  The answer is unfortunately no for many of us.  If we don’t thoroughly check out our service providers we are always taking the risk that we can end up with a bad experience that reflects on the company doing the work, the product that they serviced, and the party making the service recommendation.

Many manufacturers provide product training and even background checks as qualifiers for their service providers.  How many manufacturers or customers actually take the time to look at the entire company in great detail?  Do they check insurance, customer service policies, personnel certifications, and company image?  All of these characteristics are key factors that describe the best service companies in any industry.  The Certified Service Center Program asks companies to voluntarily place their operation up against a set of specific industry standards and then recognizes those who meet or exceed those standards.  The resultant benefit to anyone who seeks out Certified Service Centers is that the quality screening has already been done to help them find the “Best of the Best” in servicing any product.

We all have programs at our disposal that exist today to help us find quality service companies.  We have independent companies that use good and bad customer experiences as the key qualifier for recommending a good service experience.  We have manufacturer and industry programs that review their existing service providers and place them in classifications based on experience, training, product skills, and capability.  We have some industries that define service quality based on the company’s documented technical certifications.  All of these are great individual criteria but they limit themselves to specific areas of review.  The great service experience comes from the company whose entire culture is one of excellence throughout their entire organization.  That’s why the Certified Service Center Review asks a company to voluntarily submit information about their entire organization so that a complete independent evaluation can be conducted.  Following their approval as a Certified Service Center every company is then asked to undergo another strict review every three years to maintain their approved status.  The end result is a process that will help you find a quality service partner without any cost to you that really walks the talk when it comes to excellence in both quality and customer service.