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CSC Edge's Newsletter for Nov 2016

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Recently I received a comment from one of our CSCs about the importance of the company image. What constitutes the components that make up any company’s image? The simple answer is anytime we interface with a customer in any way our company image is on display and open to evaluation. What are some of those indicators and how do we stack up with our competition? With many customers, the first impression does count.

The first and probably most important image ingredient is the people that deal with your customer in any way. The receptionist, the receivables/accounting person, the service dispatcher, the service manager, the owner, and of course the technician who performs the actual service work and installations. In fact, when you list the people who can interface with your customers it covers just about everyone in your company. How do your employees feel about the company and products that you sell and service? Have you provided training to help them with their ability to interface with your customers in a positive way? Do they realize the importance of the customer who represents the reason that their company even exists? Nothing is more important to the image of any company than having positive and professional employees who enjoy their job, respect their company, and take the time to insure a satisfied customer after every encounter.

Also, what image does your physical location, service van, parking area, signage and employees’ appearance portray to your customer? Is your facility and service van clean and in good repair? Do you actively use your office and service vehicles as tools to promote your company image? Customers drive by your office daily and notice your service vehicles as they drive around town. What kind of image do they portray? Tell your company quality story in any way possible by displaying your logo and special company recognitions like having Certified Technicians, being a Certified Service Center, and being an authorized service station for specific manufacturers on your office front, in your lobby or waiting area, on your vehicles, and on your technicians’ shirts or uniforms. Also, list these on your email signature and on your website. Place your staff’s certifications or special recognitions right on their business cards for all your customers to see each and every day. Don’t keep your accomplishments and your emphasis on quality a secret. Advertise these accomplishments any way that you can. It’s easy and the lowest cost form of advertising that you will find anywhere.

Last but certainly not least, have your technician take a little time to explain what work was done and be very positive about your company and the product that is being serviced. Be very willing to work with the customer by answering any questions that they might have and don’t be afraid to help sell your company during the service call. If problems do arise then take the personal initiative to resolve the customers concern as quickly as possible. Having good customer service skills is a wise idea for anyone who comes in touch with the customer including the technical staff. We all must understand the importance of always being professional and treating the customer with the respect that they deserve. Let’s treat every customer like our biggest account and always remember who pays the bills.



Author: Don Pierson, President

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